New Product Development and Product Improvement

070126_181747_0 JFAAS can assist industry in new product development and product improvement. Our members can join any project at any point in its lifecycle. From developing new designs to improving an existing product, we can help you save time and money while providing the War Fighter a quality product. JFAAS can assist your company with effective Human Factors design. We can help to make your product usable, effective, and accepted by end users. JFAAS can provide operator perspective and user feedback during development ensuring that your product is ahead of the competition. Let JFAAS assist your team develop a product that the War Fighter will feel worthy to take along on missions and not leave behind with the rest of the overweight, out of date, poorly designed gear.

Product Marketing

JFAAS will assist your marketing department with targeting the right customers helping grow your business and customer base. We can identify the right type of advertising that will increase your leads, sales and profits.

Strategic Partnering, Teaming and Integration


Do you have an ideal or a product that you need to find the right company to approach with a teaming proposition? JFAAS can assess those in the market that you are looking to approach and present you several courses of action. This ensures anonymity and lets you make the best decision for your company without disclosing proprietary information to numerous parties.

Equipment Selection and Acquisition

JFAAS members’ real world operational experience and testing background gives us the knowledge of the vast array of JTAC and JFO equipment. We can save you time when selecting the right gear for your operators. From tactical nylon to tactical radios and lasers, JFAAS can provide you with unbiased firsthand information.

Exercise Development and Execution

p1000111 JFAAS personnel have experience in exercise planning and execution. From scenario writing, role playing, and Observer Controller duties, JFAAS can create and execute quality JTAC and JFO mission readiness exercises. Our SMEs have planned and executed some of the most successful joint training events. JFAAS understands that to win on the battlefield that the United States and its Coalition partners must be able to learn each other’s Tactics Techniques and Procedures and to operate in a Joint environment. JFAAS is ready to provide scenario writing, role players, OPFOR, and exercise control.