JTAC Training and Program Management 070126_181756_0

Our SMEs have experience training conventional, SOF, and Coalition JTACs. Many of our operators have served as JTAC instructor (JTAC-I) or as the head of standard and evaluation (stan-eval) programs. JFAAS members are well versed in JP 3-09.3, JTAC 3-3, STANAG 3737 and FM 3-09.32 (JFIRE) publications. From basic JTAC skills to graduate level scenarios our personnel can provide quality training. JFAAS can also set-up and maintain JTAC training and stan-eval programs.

JFO Training and Program Management

Our instructors will provide your personnel with training to enable them to provide timely and accurate targeting information to a qualified JTAC for Type 2 and 3 Close Air Support (CAS) Terminal Attack Controls. JFAAS can also provide instruction on AC-130 call for fire, Close Combat Attack (CCA), and Terminal Guidance Operations (TGO). Our practical field exercises n1136098316_30315561_8290 will stress trainees while providing them the TTPs to assist in the execution of Type 2 and Type 3 controls. JFAAS can also set-up and maintain your JFO training program.

Universal/ Alternate observer conducting Type-2 Close Air Support and CAS under emergency conditions

With the fluidity of current conflicts not everyone will have a JTAC or JFO assigned to them. JFAAS can provide training on basic JCAS fundamentals that will give them the understanding and confidence to facilitate a Type-2 control, close combat attack, and perform AC-130 call for fire.

Associated JTAC and JFO Equipment training

JFAAS personnel can provide training on man portable radios, laser range finders, GPS receivers, laser target designators, full motion video receivers, JTAC digitally aided CAS suites, thermal imagers, and night vision devices.

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